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Roksan System 1991

1991 was a great year. The Heathrow Hi-fi show in September saw the 'surprise' launch of two iconic products. The Roksan reference Analogue record player the TMS and the our first digital reference source the ROK-DP1 CD transport with DA1 DAC & DS4 external DC supply.

ROK-DP1Roksan's first CD player, the ROK-DP1 with its multiple plinths and art Deco looks became an immediate classic. Today the ROK-DP1 is a sought-after collector's item. Performance-wise, it stands its own ground and is still serviceable and upgradeable!

Both DP1 and DA1 were first in their design to incorporate new ideas. DP1 was the first CD transport to have its mechanism fully isolated from any disturbances, and the DA1 DAC saw the first application of Crystal's Delta-Zigma converter IC. This combination was regarded by many Hi-fi critics to have brought vinyl like musicality to the world of CD.

1991, was also the year when our TMS record player became an immediate reference for many analogue enthusiasts and critics. This most high end of all Roksan record players was offered in black piano lacquer with mirror chrome details. The original TMS can now be upgraded to the TMS3 standard with unsurpassed performance. Now that is something to be proud of!