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Here for your interest and information are FAQs which have been answered, listed here by product category.

*Prices quoted, in the answers, were correct at time of publication and may be subject to change, please use a guideline only.

CD Players

Should I leave my CD player on standby or turn the power off?

Leaving the unit on standby can reduce the life of the FL tube , however , they should last around for many years. Turning the CD off is fine as it does not need to warm up like an amp.

Please can you advise me of a suitable CD Lens Cleaner for the Kandy K2 CD Player

We do not really believe that cleaning CDs are very effective and whatever you pay they are all pretty much the same.

The only sure fire way to clean the lens is to drop or send your machine back to us for a service.

I can, however, whole heartedly recommend the Total Disc Repair disc cleaning fluid


I have an Oxygene CD player and there is small switch inside. What is its purpose?

The switch inside is for 110v-220v operation. Please do not attempt to move it, as it is likely to damage your CD player.

I own a Caspian M2 CD PLAYER and I’d like to know if it’s possible to use at the same time the outputs (RCA and XLR)?

It is possible to use both the XLR and RCA at the same time, as the inputs are high impedance. There will be some overloading causing signal drop. It is unlikely to have any damaging affect.

I have just purchased a K3 CD Di, is there any way of putting it into standby? The display is permanently on?

There is no standby function on the K3 CDDi. However, we advise to Power Off the unit via the Power button located on the front left of the chassis.

My Roksan Kandy KD-1 CD Player has developed a fault it 'skips' Can you please advise how much you charge to repair the player subject to my shipping it up to you?

We are sorry to inform you the KandyKD-1 CD player you have is no longer serviced or repaired due to lack of parts. The parts for the mechanism are exhausted and the processing chip has no updates available from the manufacturer. Due to this, we’ll fail to provide a lasting warranty.

Just enquiring regarding the Oxygene CD, is it a player or just a transport ? Can it be a standalone player or it needs to be connected to a preamplifier? Or is it that you have two models? CD transport? CD player?

Both versions of the Oxygene CD players were made. However, the full version with a built in  DAC were made available from our distributors. We can if required make a transport available if you so wish to. Please contact your nearest Roksan distributor. You can find your local Roksan distributor here www.roksan.co.uk/distributors

We have a customer unit, which require the complete CD mechanism. The issue is that the unit cannot read CD anymore and the flipping down panel does not flip down at times. Is there any other parts needed? Are these spare parts still available? What are the costs?

The parts for the Caspian M Series -1 are available at the following costs:
Laser Assembly (complete mechanisms no longer available.)
£100.00 inc Service kit includes parts to improve playability, display life, and belt etc £37.50 inc
Display £ 40.33 inc
Carriage £26.40

Can I access repeat and shuffle functions on the blak CD player without a remote control?

Yes. “repeat” can be accessed by pressing and holding the “Time” button (on the left of the display). Operate the press and hold sequence to cycle between “repeat one” and “repeat all”.
“shuffle” can be accessed by pressing and holding the “Previous” button (on the right of the display).

Both the “repeat” and “shuffle” functions are shown by indicators in the upper right part of the CD display.


I'm not getting any audio out of my blak Amplifier, although the rest of it seems to be working fine.

There is a headphone switch on the underside of the amplifier. The purpose of this is to give a pure audio path for headphones. The switch switches between headphones and speaker outputs. Try changing the switch position.

Do the M series amplifiers also include the “bypass” functionality?

The by-pass feature is only available on K3 amps.

What Is the price of the K3 Power Amp in the range?

The K3 Power Amp is available in Charcoal, Opium and Anthracite. The retail price is £950.00.*

I have a Roksan Caspian 2 CD player and amplifier, I have recently bought some new speakers I bi-wired them to my amplifier Unfortunately I forgot to remove the connecting bars that are on the back of the speakers to be used when not bi-wiring am I likely to have caused any damage to my amplifier or speakers?

If the amplifier is operating normally it would follow that you have averted any internal damage.
If you were not playing the speakers very loud then there is very little possibly of any damage occurring to the speakers either.

I have bi-amped the speakers with the integrated amp driving the tweeters, and the power amp driving the drivers. I have recently noticed a constant hum coming from the Integrated soon as I turn the power on.

Firstly – are both units grounded?
Secondly – try driving the speaker from each unit separately and see if the hum is still present.
If the hum is still present then I would suggest that a repair may be required.

I have a Kandy K2 amp. I’ve noticed when first powering up the amp there is a clicking sound which is normal according to the manual. Then there is a small pop through the loud speaker is this a normal occurrence?

The click is probably the relay, but there’s not normally an audible sound from the speakers in this case. It sounds like the DC offset might be a bit high.

My Caspian M2 Amplifier will not select CD on the unit or with the remote.

Please contact your dealer from whom you purchased the Caspian M2 Integrated Amplifier, who in turn will send the unit to Henley Designs. Henley Designs undertake our warranty repairs and once we have received their report, a decision will be made regarding a replacement.

I have a new Roksan Caspian Power amp (driving the low end) that I’m using in the conjunction with the integrated Caspian amp. During quiet passages of music and when there’s little signal being fed to the amp, I’ve noticed the LEDs on the front panel are glowing orange / green.

The LED going ‘orange’ indicates the signal level at the input is below the threshold level where the unit will eventually go into full standby and switch off after 20 mins. You need to maintain certain level of volume in order for the Power amp not to go into standby mode.

There is a slight lag after the integrated Caspian Amp has started to feed the tweeters and the Caspian power amp kicking in and feeding the bass end. The only connection between these two devices is a standard set of RCA cables.

It is normal for the delay. It’s part of the design where it takes some time for the relay’s to energise once the power supply has stabilised.

I am about to purchase a Caspian M2 power am to partner my Caspian M2 integrated amp. I am not very technically minded and I find the user manual diagram a bit confusing. Is this the correct configuration ?Connect the pre-output of the integrated amp to the input of the power amp. Connect the left and right speakers [already bi-wired ] to the power amp.

This is correct, however, better still, if your speakers allow, BI -Amp Then Connect the BASS of each speaker to the Power Amp and the TWEETERS to the integrated Amp. Since you’re able to Bi- wire, you should be able to Bi-amp them.

I have a Roksan Kandy K2 amplifier purchased on 04/09/2011. I have tried to connect it to a separate headphone amplifier using the pre-out; however, there is no signal coming through from this output (but the headphone amplifier works perfectly when connected via the tape-out).

Please note the Pre-Out on the Kandy K2 Integrated is volume control dependant. Turning up the volume control to certain level will enable the headphone amplifier to work. If not, then we need to investigate a problem.

My K2 power amp goes into standby mode when listening at low (ish) volume levels?

The active signal has to be above the threshold level in order to maintain unit ON. Below this level the unit will prepare to go into full power off mode after 20 mins.
Please increase the input level to maintain unit in ON mode.

Hello there, I am having a problem with my Roksan amp. When amp is left on standby for a few hours the phono input is dead and can only be brought back to life by switching amp off and on using power switch. Also am getting occasional "popping" sound from left speaker.

It seems the phono-stage within your Kandy MKIII amplifier is in need of an update or repair. There are few capacitors that might need updating which could be responsible for the “popping” when selecting inputs.
Please pack it securely or bring down to us here and we’ll have our engineer assess it and provide a free quote.

Analogue: Turntables, Tonearms, Power Supplies

Can I service my XPS1 Power Supply?

The  XPS-1 power supply is no longer serviced by us. We offer an upgrade to our new XPS-7 within the same box for £300.

Are Roksan Audio able to supply a tone arm, female to male, stereo extension cable or can you provide a longer tone arm cable?

We can supply a fully built high quality cable as:

2 x dedicated Roksan RCA plugs @ 17.00 each Total £34.00
5 pin DIN housing £ 45.00
5 pin DIN female connector £25.00
HDC-03A high definition cable x 2.5 metres @ £120/metre Total £ 300.00
Total £ 404.00
1/2 labour to make £ 54.00

Grand Total £ 458.00*

I’m currently trying to fix a fairly old Arta Xerxes phono board. I do not have a picture at the moment but they are the little aluminium box that mount directly under the turntable (via the DIN plug) and have a pair of RCA leads to reach the preamp.I know that the power supply is good at +28 and -28. The inside of the box contain 2 separate PCB for each channel wrapped around some sort of rubber.

Due to the age of the ArtaXerxes cartridge amplifier you have, we no longer have the circuit diagram. These modules can be difficult to dismantle and repair. However, the only problems that are recorded on this amplifier are the small capacitors, which tend lose their values and cause problems.

Is it possible to get a replacement name plate for my Radius 5.2?

Plate name chromed    £145.00*
Motor plate                    £16.50*
The prices include VAT but not carriage

I have a Xerxes Turntable. The power units can turn the motor, belt and inner platter but when the outer platter is placed the weight drops and the whole platter is no longer suspended. So it does not turn. Is it possible to send the unit to you (do I include the PS units?) for a check and a repair estimate?

We’ll be more than happy to look at your original Xerxes. Please pack it securely together with the power supply. It is not necessary to have the heavy inner and outer platter, so please leave them behind. Also ensure the arm is tied securely with the stylus protected.
Once here we’ll provide a free quotation and any upgrades available. Please be aware that there will be a charge for return carriage should the quote is agreeable or rejected.

You may also like to look at the benefits of becoming Roksan Cognoscenti Member

Hello, I understand from Roksan adverts that it is possible to upgrade a Radius 5.1 to 7. Do you do such things at your main works, and if so how much?

The Radius 5 to 7 upgrade is £500.00.*
If you need this fitted here at Roksan there would also be 1 hour labour of £108.00.*
Also carriage would need to be paid both ways by you.

I need to hook up my Xerxes V10. I have the DS U power supply, and the VPS power supply. I have lost the three-prong, threaded cable that connects the DSU to the VPS. Can you tell me what kind of cable that is so I can get a quick replacement here in the states?

The cable required is the DCI
The DC1 Lead is £50.00 plus £20.00 carriage.*

Hello - I'd like to buy a replacement front panel for my Kandy K2 amp - it's the mirrored, acrylic part that I need.

This part costs £37 plus carriage.*

Can you please forward me a quote to service and fit an earth grounding to the tube-arm of my Nima Tone-arm. Costs to include return carriage too.

To carry out the work to your Nima tone-arm will cost £108.00.*

Carriage is £26.40.*

I have been experiencing the belt falling off every weekend. I have tried everything and seem to have to apply polish every weekend and every time, can you help?

It seems the motor mount with respect to the top plinth might be out of alignment causing the belt to come off.

Please bring it in and the alignment can be checked out while you wait.

How do I measure rotational speed on my turntable?
All of our turntables and speed controllers are set at the factory to exacting standards.
Rotational speed on record players is on the face of it, simple to check. Strobe discs are placed on the platter and the rotational speed can be seen to be fast or slow by viewing the strobe effect of the dots on the discs being static, or moving indicating a fast or slow operation of the record player. This is normally done using a strobe light, or simply under mains lighting.
60Hz as used in the USA works well, with the number of dots on a strobe disc being 108 for 33 1/3 RPM, and 80 for 45 RPM.
Issues occur though with the mains frequencies used in European and some other countries. The frequency used here is 50Hz, and this calculates to 90 dots for 33 1/3 RPM, and 66.67 dots for 45 RPM. The latter is of course, impossible to print, so discs for 50Hz operation are normally printed with 67 dots for 45 RPM, which then when adjusted to run to speed, gives a rotational speed of 45.11 RPM.
The table here shows these calculations at different strobe frequencies :
Rotations per second
Strobe frequency
Dots required on disc
The latest Roksan speed controllers as used in the VSC, RPM and Radius 7 products use a 20ppm crystal to control the rotational motors to a precision not generally seen before in the industry. Customers using 50Hz discs will sometimes report the 45 RPM speed as being slow, because the record player is rotating at 45 RPM, not 45.11 RPM as required by the disc!
The solution is to use a 60Hz disc and 60Hz strobe light, NOT 50Hz to properly check a record player’s rotation.
Can you please tell me the cost of upgrading the XPS1 with a factory fitted XPS7 board?

£300.00 plus labour and carriage.*


Can you still supply replacement speaker units for the Ojan 3s ?

The Ojan speakers we have in stock are:
Ojan 3s with brass cone at £ 305.00* inc VAT unmodified
Ojan Tweeter £ 105.00* inc VAT
The above are available from stock. We have no modification details on file, so they’ll be supplied as new without any modifications

I recently bought a pair of ex-display TR-5s and found that the store had attached the speaker cable to the HF/tweeter terminals (with jumpers to the LF/woofer terminals). The manual specifies that the cables should be attached to the LF terminals, which I've now done.

It is quiet normal to connect the speaker to the HF/Tweeter terminals when the links are attached with any detrimental effects. However, it is preferable to connect to the LF Bass terminal as you have, just in case the terminal fails to make good contact resulting in low frequency damaging the tweeters.

Accessories: including remote control handsets

I have just purchased a K3 integrated amp and CDi. Does the remote control handset have repeat/shuffle function?

These buttons are for future products and do not respond on K3 Products.

I have seen a Roksan K2 BT Amplifier in Richer Sounds, but without the Remote. Would it be possible to purchase the remote separately from you?

We sell a Kandy111 system remote which will work with the K2 BT.

To activate Bluetooth you simply press the Tape Button .The unit costs £65.00* + Vat and carriage.

I am using a remote unit for my Amplifier Roksan Kandy KA-1 and now have many remote handsets. Now I want change to one Universal Remote 4 in 1 ?

None of our remote’s IR codes are available. They are all pre-set by the relevant manufacturers. Also our remotes generally do not work with universal remotes.

The only way to duplicate codes is to use the ‘mirror’ copying method.

I bought a Roksan Caspian M2 integrated amplifier, how do I program the remote handset?

It is not possible to program the Roksan remote RMX-111 via the web. However, it is possible to ‘copy’ codes from the manufacturer’s remote to the RMX-111 using the remote control’s ‘smart learning’ program. Please see page 6 of the RMX-111 user manual.

I recently bought one of your incredible sounding Roksan Caspian M2 integrated amplifiers; but it came with a generic silver M1 remote control.

The remote in question is the RMX-111, supplied with all M2 integrated amplifier. We are sorry to say the RMX-111 is no longer produced and we have exhausted all available stock. It has now been superseded by the new R7-C.

I have a Roksan Kandy CD player (MkIII from 2003) and corresponding Kandy integrated amplifier. The remote control which controls both just stopped working in recent days but it seems exact replacements are no longer available please advise?

The Kandy System remote control in the link below will work both your Kandy CD and Integrated amplifier.