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The HDC-03A high-definition signal interconnect cable is designed with 4 conductors of low noise oxygen free copper for signal transmission. Each conductor consists of 40 strands of 0.1mm diameter high purity oxygen-free copper with the outer shield made up of 128 strands for 98% screening. The outer PVC/Neoprene sleeve is very flexible yet strong and the RCA plugs are designed and built to Roksan’s own specification with solid brass contact parts. The HDC-03A is a highly capable audiophile grade interconnect for all hi-fidelity systems.


The HDC-01D high-definition digital interconnect cable is designed using a solid copper inner conductor, aluminium polyester tape for 100% shielding and tinned copper drain wires for uniform reliable grounding. It also features high quality insulated 75ohm BNC connectors with a gold plated centre pin. The result is a fast and highly detailed cable for all audiophile component digital signal purposes.

HDC-02S Speaker Cables

The HDC-02S high definition loudspeaker cable is designed utilising 95 strands of high purity tinned copper per conductor sleeved in Red and Black PVC and separated and sheathed overall in White PVC with directional markings. The distance between the conductors is important to control the capacitance of the cable. Too much capacitance, inductance and resistance would alter the sound characteristics and thus impede on overall performance. Although it is impossible to eliminate completely the effect of these electrical characteristics, it is important to strike the right balance to provide the optimum connection between amplifier and loudspeaker ensuring low impedance, capacitance and inductance. HDC-02S allows runs of upto 20m per length with little effect on sound quality.