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Reference Phono Speed Control RPM

About this product

The RPM is the new high-specification, ultra-accurate statement speed control for use with the Xerxes 20+. Consisting of an entirely new and highly advanced digital speed control PCB and audiophile-grade components, The RPM represents a signi cant upgrade from the previous and long-established reference speed control as featured in the discontinued DX2.

Featuring a very high quality crystal speed control system, it maintains pitch perfect speed stability for both 33/45rpm. One new feature of the RPM is its ability – thanks to the new advanced digital speed control PCB – to either increase or decrease the speed (up to 6.25% either way). This is a very useful addition for customers in areas or countries for unstable or poor currency voltage to attain the exact, correct speed.


  • Compatible with both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridge designs.
  • Three switchable gain level settings.
  • Top-level audiophile grade components used throughout.
  • Features dedicated DS1.5 power supply module to feed a smooth, high-quality DC signal to the phono ampli er module.
  • High quality Caspian M Series chassis and front plate design


Output voltage (33rpm)


Output voltage (45 rpm)



0 and 90 deg

DC offset




Output impedance

<0.1 Ohms

Voltage Supply

Requires +26, 0, -26 Vdc (internal DS1.5 power supply)