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Darius S1 Speakers

About this product

The Darius S1 Speaker delivers an open, detailed sound, superior bass response and high efficiency. Housed in the modest dimensions of a standmount design, we have applied our knowledge of room acoustics to create the best possible bass reproduction from a small cabinet.


  • Ultra-high quality Aurum Cantus aluminium ribbon tweeter delivering super-fast transients
  • 5″ customised rigid aluminium bass/mid drive unit, extended long-throw design for increased bass speed and depth
  • Use of very high quality Mundorf components, chosen for superior audiophile performance and reliability
  • Extremely rigid and carefully designed cabinet constructed from high quality MDF material with internal decoupling and bracing
  • High-quality black or white piano lacquer finish and matching stand that is securely bolted to the cabinet


Tweeter Aluminium ribbon design
Woofer 5.5 inch customised design, optimally tuned
Crossover Mundorf components, air core baked inductors, polypropylene low inductance capacitors, metal-oxide resistors Pin to Pin soldered, elements for tweeter and woofer are relocated on separate plates, silver coated cabling.
Enclosure High quality MDF material, internally reinforced, braced and decoupled, filled with wool, coated with piano lacquer.
Input power 40-200 watts (recommended)
Sensitivity 89dB
Impedance 4 Ohms
Dimensions  376 x 200 x 376mm (LxWxD)
Weight (net) 13.4
Finishes Black or White Piano Lacquer