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Nima Unipivot Tonearm

About this product

The Nima Unipivot Tonearm, with its unique design of the transit locking mechanism of the bearing assembly not only provides a safe transportation method but also avoids damage if the arm is accidentally lifted off its bearing.

The counterweight is decoupled and designed to mount off-centre thus allowing easy Azimuth correction.


Bearing Stainless Steel Unipivot
Bearing Yoke Acrylic
Arm Tube Aluminium Alloy
Headshell Acrylic
Effective Length 240mm
Overhang 17.5mm
Distance from Record Centre 222.5mm
Headshell Offset Angle 22.9 Degree
Effective Mass 11 g
Mounting Hole Diameter 23mm
Arm Board Thickness 7-25mm (max)
Recommended Cartridge Weight 5-12 g
Recommended Tracking Weight 1.5-3.5 g
Internal Wiring Special Roksan Flexible PCB
Tonearm Cable Shielded Coaxial with Grounding wire
 Connectors  5-Pin Gold Plated to RCA Gold Plated