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Product Launch Timeline

With a history spanning 4 decades, Roksan have created a legacy of products over the years. Throughout our existence Roksan have created many ‘audio classics’, multi-award winning products of the highest calibre, here is our full timeline of products.

Our most successful products have also won a catalogue of awards over the years.



2010 K2 Integrated Amplifier
K2 CD Player
2011 K2 Power Amplifier
2012 M2 Integrated Amplifier
M2 CD Player
M2 Power Amplifier
2013 Oxygene CD Player
Oxygene Integrated Amplifier
2014 K3 Integrated Amplifier
K3 CD Player
2015 K3 Power Amplifier
K3 CD Di – CD Player/DAC (digital inputs)
2016 Caspian RPM – speed control
Caspian RPP – phono amplifier
Caspian VSC/VSC2 – combined phono amplifier/speed control/power supply
blak Integrated Amplifier
blak CD Player


2000 Caspian DSP – AV processor
Caspian 5 Channel Power Amplifier
Caspian Tuner
2002 Platinum Power Amplifier
Platinum Preamplifier
Kandy DVD Player
2003 Caspian M1-Series electronics
2004 FR5 Floorstander loudspeakers
2005 Kandy MkII Series electronics
2007 TR5 Standmount loudspeakers


1990 L1 – Preamplifier
L2 – Preamplifier
L1 – Mono power amplifier
Tabriz – Tonearm
1991 DP1 – CD transport
DA1 – Digital-to-analogue convertor
1993 Attessa – CD Player
Attessa DA2 – Digital-to-analogue convertor
Attessa DS1 – External power supply
Atessa CD Transport
Ojan – Floorstanding loudspeaker
Rok One – Standmount loudspeaker
1995 Caspian Integrated Amplifier
Caspian CD Player
Radius – turntable
1996 Caspian Power Amplifier
Caspian Mono Power Amplifier
1997 Caspian Preamplifier
1998 Xerxes 20 – Turntable
1999 Radius 5
Kandy Integrated Amplifier
Kandy CD Player


1985 Xerxes – Turntable
1986 Darius – Standmount loudspeaker
1987 Artemiz – Tonearm
1988 Corus – Moving magnet cartridge
1989 Hotcakes – Bookshelf loudspeaker