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PUG Tonearm


About this product

The Roksan PUG high-end tonearm is a design that utilises advanced materials and intricate engineering to result in mesmerising musical performance. it was developed to be one of the most exciting tonearms on the market.

With a high quality 22mm diameter carbon fibre arm tube, it is rigid and light, nimble yet sturdy, gleaning the very best details from any vinyl source.


  • High quality 22mm fibre carbon fibre arm tube – designed to be ultra light and rigid for optimum stability and sonic performance.
  • Significantly high build quality that utilises anodised solid aluminium and brass parts.
  • High quality internal wiring for an excellent signal path an retention of advanced detail.
  • Effective and easily configurable counterweight system.
  • Simplified mounting system for easy set up.
  • Advanced ‘ball and cup’ bearing design for improved cartridge tracking.


Main Bearing Spindle
Roundness & Concentricity
Length to Diameter ratio
Hardened tool steel
< 5 Microns
Main Bearing Ball
Super precision Tungsten Carbide
< 1 Micron
Main Bearing Housing
Solid Phosphor Bronze
Inner Platter

2 Piece Solid Aluminium alloy
Interference fitted non-resonant

Outer Platter 2 Piece Solid Aluminium alloy
Interference fitted non-resonant
Structure 3 Plinth Design
Isolation 3 Level De-coupling
Motor Custom made 24 pole synchronous
Roundness & Concentricity
Solid Aluminium alloy
< 1 Micron
Drive Belt  Precision ground Neoprene
Motor Mount Unique synchronizing bearing
Motor Drive  External speed controller
Wow & Flutter  < 0.02%
Rumble  < -80dB
Dimensions  450 x 370 x 115mm
Weight 12 Kg