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Shiraz Cartridge

About this product

One of the most important aspects of Record Player cartridge design is the diamond tip of the stylus.

It is this jewel which has to retrieve information often represented by variations that measure millionths of an inch.

If the profile of this diamond is cut to the wrong shape it will damage records and reduce the amount of retrievable information.

The moving coil Shiraz Cartridge has a stylus which we believe is the world’s best diamond profile design.

The Swiss made Gyger II has a super fine line profile offering excellent tracking ability with stunning detail retrieval and low surface noise.


  • Astonishing level of detail
  • Ease of tracking highly modulated grooves
  • Uncompressed dynamic range
  • Flat frequency response beyond 30kHz allowing harmonics to be naturally reproduced


Type Moving Coil
Output 1.05 mV @ 5cm/sec (RMS)
0.21 mV @ 1cm/sec Recorded Velocity
Stylus Super Fineline (Gyger II)
Cantilever Aluminium tube
Tracking Weight 2.2 – 2.5 grammes (2.4g recommended)
Cartridge Body Solid machined Aluminium
Generator Fixing Unique 3-point Stainless Steel Spike fixing (No Adhesive)
Cartridge Fixing M2.5 @ 0.5” centres (12.7mm)
Recommended Load 100 Ohm
Coil Impedance 24 Ohm
Cartridge Weight 8.2 Grammes